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30 April 2014

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'I tell you, if these were silent, the very stones would cry out.' Luke 19:40

This website has moved to the ITD blog at Visit us there! is the website of Into the Deep, an orthodox Catholic newsletter produced in Gippsland, south-eastern Australia (falling in the Diocese of Sale). 

We are orthodox Catholics who have grown tired of seeing the Church we love being abused and neglected by those within it, and have begun to speak out.  We call for all Catholics, including priests and bishops, to be faithful to the teachings of the Catholic Church. 

Into the Deep is a monthly publication distributed by email and printed copy, that educates about the teachings of the Magisterium and provides a forum for 'letters to the editor', a feature that our diocesan Catholic newspaper has withdrawn. 

From the support we have received, it has become clear that the problems that we face in our area are similar to those faced in other parts of Australia and the world, and we have drawn enthusiastic subscribers from far and wide.  Subscription to Into the Deep is free; we rely on donations only.

Orthodoxy is alive and well in our Church, but we orthodox laity have not been as organised or as active as the modernists have been in the past.  Our time has come!  Into the Deep has provided a link for us so that instead of feeling alone or powerless, we have a voice that is heard.  Join us!  Take courage!  And stand up for the Truth of our Catholic faith.


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