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  1. Rev. Benedict La Volpe OFM Conv, PP

    Firstly I thank Mr. Peter Phillips for his assurances of prayer. He had hoped that my time of sabbatical would miraculously cure me of my propensity for liturgical abuse. At the risk of prolonging this argument, may I ask the ITD readers to join me in earnest prayer for Mr. Peter Phillips and take whatever he has to say about me, my parish or my Priesthood with a grain of salt. No offence, but Mr. Phillips is like a dog with a bone. For a man his age he is more akin to a five year old screaming in the shopping centre aisle because his mother won’t buy him what he demands!
    Mr. Phillips has continually aired his grievances about me to this publication, and has in the past even gone so far as to say he had found a new home in another Parish. Oh only if that were true!! For someone who does not reside in my parish he seems to have plenty to complain about. Indeed his letters have been offensive to me personally, they have bordered on libel and slander, and all due to a misplaced understanding on his part of the Church’s Magisterium when it comes to the role of Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion (may I add my only “liturgical abuse”!). And may I add, when he speaks of my community, he also has a complete ignorance of Religious Life and the vow of Obedience! No, I don’t put my confreres “under Obedience” to ignore Mr. Phillips’ correspondence!
    Mr. Phillips likes to quote from the 1980 Instruction Concerning Worship of the Eucharistic Mystery from the Sacred Congregation for the Sacraments and Divine Worship. May I also quote from it. “The faithful, whether religious or lay, who are authorized as extraordinary ministers of the Eucharist can distribute Communion only when there is no priest, deacon or acolyte, when the priest is impeded by illness or advanced age, or when the number of the faithful going to communion is so large as to make the celebration of Mass excessively long.” (Article 8, par. 2). Anyone who attends St. Joseph’s in Springvale knows that our weekday Mass attendance can number in the 100s! Thus I am validated by the Instruction’s permission to have an Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion as the “number of the faithful going to communion is so large as to make the celebration of Mass excessively long”!
    I am further validated in my use of Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion by the Code of Canon Law (Can 910,2), the Instruction by the Congregation of Divine Worship, Holy Communion and Worship of the Eucharist (1973), and particularly by the Instruction by the Congregation of Divine Worship, Redemptionis Sacramentum 2004 (nn 154-160). Of course I could mention diocesan guidelines, guidelines given by the Australian Catholic Bishops’ Conference etc.
    Mr. Peter Phillips is not the guardian of the sacred Magisterium, he hardly understands it!
    I only reply this one time to set the matter straight. Mr. Phillips can write all the replies to this letter he likes… in all charity I will take them all ,as I have his others, with a grain of salt.

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