September ITD is here!

Here is the latest issue of ITD.

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One thought on “September ITD is here!

  1. Richard Neagle

    Of course the secular atheist society of the western world is determined to politically correct us. Christian and especially traditionally catholic values and customs are abhorrent to the left, green, homosexual alliance and it’s main stream media mouthpiece.
    How dare we classify sodomy as a sin?
    How dare we question the validity of homosexual marriage?
    How dare we call abortion murder?
    The persecution has only just begun. The world is a battle ground between Satan and God. It will be to the end of time. This should surprise no one.
    What should surprise us is the persecution of orthodox Catholics from our very own Pope.
    How dare Cardinal Burke ask the for clarification on what the heck “Amoris Laetitia” actually means? Sacked from the Congregation of Bishops and Apostolic Signatua.
    How dare Cardinal Mueller defend the orthodoxy in the face of demands from the liberals to abandon it? Sacked as leader of the Congregation for the doctrine of the faith.
    How dare young Catholics actually prefer the traditional Latin Mass to the Novus Ordo. Admonished for being too” rigid.”
    Yes. The persecution has begun.

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