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The October issue of Into the Deep is out!

Enjoy the read, and please complete the Death Survey on page 10 and 11, or complete it online at and then please share it with others (not only Catholics!)

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One thought on “October Issue

  1. Anne Lastman

    Gregory for the first time since we have known one another, about 15 years I think, I am going to disagree with you and am a little saddened that you have joined the anti Pope Francis brigade.
    I think the youth synod is one of the most important events which should happen during these days.
    An event which calls the young to participate and who will be the future church. These youth are called to listen to “Peter” who will assure hem that God has not abandoned his people and especially them and “Peter” will say to them “be not afraid” (remember who said these words? These words he will say because he realises that the youth view these difficulties and wonder but “Peter” assures them the “She” stands tall because she is both “bride” (of Christ) and “Mother” (of Christ.) and OH such great beauty the “Shekinah”
    Greg your comment “lets face it why would any child of the church, who has fallen away, (terrible term) want to return to a dysfunctional diocesan home (even a shack is a home where love exists and in the church love of Jesus exists) that more or less resembles one of cohabitation or SSM with a constant stream of administrators and managers.
    Greg you mention many issues but the most important is the nurturing of the youth by their father “Peter” You know that only a father can “strengthen the child”
    You speak about the church becoming a total wreck then the episcopate should be affirmed. Agreed. But at this moment the scandal is that those who have created the scandal and continue to oxygenate it have forgotten that this church and its youth point to the future. This scandal will be stagnant and dead just as those who have created it but the youth and the church will continue.
    The spiritual fatherhood you speak about comes from “Peter” he is the father the young and the humble and the loyal need to listen to and hear. It’s his voice which speaks with the voice and heart of Jesus. Not those minions of satan who even in the days of Jesus on earth loitered around his group.
    I agree as you say that there is an intelligent evil being behind the chaos we see at the moment disturbing the people of God, the mystical body, but Greg cancelling the youth synod will NOT fix the ills but give “the evil being” another great success.
    That there should be a cleansing of the evil within the church, yes, but that is not a week long exercise but it will take much time, grace,humility, love, forgiveness, reparation and obedience to achieve this.
    I have lost many many many supporters because of my comments and I must say further that we cannot fall into the trap of scapegoating, that is, “gayification” of the abuse matter.
    It is my humble opinion that the gay issue is a different issue but not related to sexual abuse issue and yes there is wickedness but there are also other much more serious and fundamental issues involved in the sexual abuse of children. Blaming the “gays” is wrong.
    Not the issue itself should be in the church but the blame for the sexual abuse of children should be attributed to the them is wrong.

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