Marriage Equality

Here’s a strong, clear, polite, logical argument by the Australian Marriage Forum about so-called ‘marriage equality’ and how this affects children.

One thought on “Marriage Equality

  1. Janine of Bruthen

    What annoys me about the homosexualist position on “marriage equality” is that they posit that it is about “love” and “consenting adults”, but then call you a bigot and worse if you suggest that “marriage equality” must thus be extended to ALL deviant sexualities and situations. What, I ask, is there to stop a grown man marrying his adult daughter, his nephew or his father, if they are “in love” and are “consenting adults”?? What is to stop a man having, say, six wives and a couple of husbands (and a great many mothers in law, God help him!)? If marriage equality is to be extended to homosexual couples in the name of “consenting adults in love”, of course the door is then open to incestuous, polygamous/polyandrous unions. It would be discrimination not to. THAT is why marriage must remain one man, one woman.

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