Oh dear…

The Catholic Archdiocese of Adelaide is extending a very warm welcome to dissenting priest Fr Timothy Radcliff.  Their media release gushes over him and claims it’s a “great coup” for the Archdiocese to have him on a 3-week speaking tour.  His visit is apparently an “important part of the Archbishop’s commitment to strengthening the pastoral life of the diocese.”

Other sources claim otherwise.

Fr Z had this to say in a post in December 2013, including: “Fr Radcliffe is well known for his liberal positions on morality, including his public opposition to the Church’s teaching on homosexuality.”

And here is an article from Faith in Our Families: Women Priests, Gay Sex, and Communion for the Re-Married: Is Fr. Timothy Radcliffe an appropriate speaker for Flame2 Youth Conference 2015?


3 thoughts on “Oh dear…

  1. GK

    The invitation says more about where the leadership of the Church in Australia is at, and has been for many years, than the disaffected Fr Radcliffe. And it explains why the Faith is moribund and the Church has lost the battle in the public square in this country.

  2. Janine from Bruthen

    When will the Church leaders stop listening to these dissenters from the Catholic Faith? If you are a Catholic, you have to believe what the church teaches on matters of Faith and Morals. Priests, Bishops, Cardinals, even the Pope cannot go around believing and preaching that abortion is ok., that there is nothing wrong with sodomy and that women should be priests.

    Honestly, I’m really starting to wonder if the visible Catholic Church IS the Catholic Church, or whether it has somehow been taken over by a bunch of Freemasons, modernists and others seeking to ruin souls.

    These dissenting “Catholics ” need to be ecclesiastically disciplined, not listened to, for the love of God!

    1. Eirene Angi

      Ecclesiastical discipline is administered by the Bishop (or Archbishop) of the Diocese. In this case, if the cleric responsible for this discipline is not doing it, the laity must rise up as one and insist on action being taken. No point in stressing and grumbling if no-one is writing letters and e-mails, making phone calls and complaining to the Apostolic Nuncio in the event of no answer being forthcoming from the Archbishop or Bishop. This is a fight – not a cake-walk. Don’t make it so easy for the enemy to gain the higher ground, people. You are Catholics, not pussy-cats!

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