Fourth Planned Parenthood Video

Here is the link to the article and fourth video exposing Planned Parenthood’s sale of fetal body parts.

I can’t help thinking of the women who go to these abortion clinics, most likely desperate, feeling trapped, vulnerable, afraid.  There they are reassured that they’re doing the right thing, that the “procedure” will be quick and easy, their problems will be solved, and after all, they’re not pregnant with a baby, but simply a “clump of cells”, or “tissue” that will be removed.

At the other end of the story, are medical practitioners who are carefully identifying and dissecting various human body parts and organs labeling them and price-tagging them.  They know full well that this “clump of cells” is in reality – always was and always will be – the tiny, once-growing, son or daughter of the poor mother who came to them needing help.  Not death.

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