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The May issue of ITD is out. Find it here, or in the above menu under ITD2020.

Enjoy the read, and please share with others, especially during these times of isolation and separation from the Sacraments.


  • Gauvain Smith

    By ‘Enda’ (with some editing by Kevin):-

    1.The Mass in the vernacular
    2.Women’s role has improved even if ever so slightly
    3.Greater freedom for people to decide
    4.Good news and charity have replaced the continual neurotic emphasis on SIn
    5.Among some people the encouragement to take the Bible seriously
    6.Adult education and the number of Catholic adults with some scripture or theological education
    7.Ecumenism such as it is
    8.Anti-semitism is now banned in the Church
    9.A more incarnational Christology
    10.Perhaps the gradual erosion of secularism and clericalism
    11.Catholics speaking up against the injustice in the church organisation
    12.Schools now have less violence and emotional coercion
    13.Sectarianism and vatican bullying have declined
    14.Led by the laity people have thought for themselves
    15.At last we have stopped being a counter-Reformation Church
    16.New Code of Canon Law 1983
    17.Permanent diaconate for single & married men
    18.Favourable attitude for liberation theology
    19.Mass celebrant facing the people of God
    20.The emphasis on social justice
    21.Holy communion from the chalice
    22.The freedom to contact bishops easily
    23.More sensible church architecture
    24.We can introduce freedoms available in new thinking and in other milieux
    25.Evident catholic tribalism has diminished
    26. We are the church, not the hierarchy
    27. Disapproving capital punishment
    28. And another one that is not quite a reform from Vatican II but is definitely from the new freedom lay people discovered: sexuality, intimacy and friendship have been taken out of the hands of the clergy and people have made up their own minds. []

    • JanetK

      If you’re claiming these “reforms” are from Vatican II, you need to provide references from Church documents of Vatican II to support your claims.

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